Saturday, August 4, 2012

Salt Rock Grill, Indian Shores Florida

This place is one of my wife and I's favorites. The early dinner special (no we are not that old, but if it is a good deal it is a good deal) makes it easy to go there again and again. I'm trying to upgrade as we go along with this mini-review and have added pictures and a link if they have a website, so click here to see what Salt Rock has to tell you about themselves. 
The Front

First up is ambiance. The place has a relaxed atmosphere. The dinning room has a quiet elegance, that is not too fancy. In my view some of the tables are a little close, but all it all it is a very nice setting. My wife and I prefer to sit outside weather permitting. They have an upper deck and a lower deck, which also has an outside bar. You can come dressed up or dressed down and feel at home.

Second is food quality. I have yet to have a bad meal at this place. I have had Tuna Sashimi,  Red Snapper, Beef Tenderloin, Filet Mignon kabobs, Aztec Chicken Pasta and all of the meals have been good. I was not thrilled with the grouper cakes I got, but I think it was more about what I like as opposed to actual quality of the food.We also have had an issue with the temperature of the meat we ordered but usually everything is spot on. The early dinner includes a small salad, entree, vegetable or potato, and a small desert.
The back deck

Service is next. We have had everything from great service to okay service. Our waiter tonight was a little too chatty and let our drinks sit empty too long, but it was still decent service and normally it is better then average.

Last and not least price point. For two early dinners and a glass of wine $31 before tip. The bang for the buck with the early dinner special is excellent. Going after the special the price point is what I would call moderate with the dinners ranging from $13 to $30 for almost the entire menu.

Overall Rating - Very good food, close to home and a great price with the early dinner. Again already a favorite spot that we have been to at least five or six times already. 

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