Sunday, August 5, 2012

Frog Pond - North Reddington Beach

North Reddington
The Frog Pond is a place for breakfast and lunch, but we have only gone there for the breakfast. They have two locations that I'm aware of, one is North Reddington Beach and one is at St Pete Beach. Both are very close to the actual beach and both have the same type of atmosphere. 

Ambiance - Ambiance seems a little too high brow for what the place is, it is an eatery with as many tables as they can fit in and a wait staff that is almost running from table to table. When crowded the place is noisy and the place is almost always crowded. With no reservations taken, unless you get there really early you can have a 15-30 minute wait before being sat.

Frogs Everywhere
Food quality - Excellent. I have had omelets, waffles, french toast and my wife has had the pancakes and waffles. The food is outstanding and the portions are very generous. If you are counting calories (like I have at times) make sure this is your main meal for the day. They have home fries with many of the meals and while I'm a shredded hash browns fan, the home fries are very good.

Service - Is decent, but not fantastic. They have two great features, one is when you order iced tea they drop off a small pitcher full of tea, which makes my wife very happy as she never has to look for a refill. I'm happy as they always have someone running around the tables with coffee pots and your cup seldom, if ever hits empty. The kitchen turns around the orders very fast; it is just sometimes a little slow in first seeing the waiter and a little long in getting a check.

One Last Thing -  Something of an annoyance is that they do not have a website. In today's world I can't think of a solid reason why you do not have a website that can at least denote locations and show your menu.

It can be crowded
The price point - $25 before tip for breakfast for two. I had the western omelet and fruit and my wife had the pancakes. Add in the drinks of orange juice, coffee and  iced tea and it is not the cheapest meal in town, but the bang for the buck is more then worth it.

Overall Rating - A great place. The best breakfast in the area we have found.

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