Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review of Park Shore Grill, St. Petersburg

My writing muse has abandoned me, so it has taken a few days to get around to posting this review which is a shame as Park Shore Grill was an absolutely amazing experience. Also they actually have a website which you can click on here.

From our table looking at the bar
Ambiance – You can dine inside or outside. Since it was a little on the hot side when we went there we choose to sit inside. The decor is tasteful and modern, the booth we sat it was comfortable and had a nice private feel to it.

The Mixed Grill
Food Quality – Everything was absolutely perfect. I had Grouper and it was some of the best fish I have ever had, served on a small bed of mashed sweet potatoes and a mushroom type sauce off to the side. The taste of everything was excellent. My wife had the mixed grill which consisted of pork belly, filet mignon and a lamp chop served with garlic mashed potatoes. Not only was everything perfect, my wife made two more meals out of it since the portions were so generous. The rolls were good, the salad my wife had was good and the wines that we choose were outstanding.  

Service – Zoey was our waitress and she was as good as the food and far more pleasant to talk with. Professional, attentive without being always there and showed what felt like an actual concern to make sure we were happy with everything.

Price Point – Before tip $121. It sounds steep, but it really wasn’t. Three glasses of wine added $30 plus to the tab and my wife got the special of $45, which also included a desert (which was excellent). Finally she got three meals out of her dinner order, so the bang for the buck is there. My entrĂ©e was $28, so without alcohol two people could get a great meal for around $60.

Overall Rating – A place that is on my list to go to again and one I would gladly recommend. Top flight.

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